The silence is deafening.  I feel like in a vacuum.  All I feel is the heaviness in my chest, my effort to breathe, and the sting in my eyes.

Why is your forgiveness elusive?

Have I done something so unforgivable?  I wish you’d just kill me.

I already feel dead.


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© 2012 Fatima ErasmoSagada, Mountain Province

© 2012 Fatima Erasmo
Sagada, Mountain Province

I am beyond “I”.  I have been “I” for more than two decades and I’ve observed and experienced much as “I”.  Please don’t belittle my past “I”.  You were not in it.  How could you have an opinion about it?

I am now at “we”.  If you’re still at “I” then be clear about it because even a child can see, there is no “I” in “we”.